Founded in 1999, TANEX WOOD Industry was perfected in the production of beech, being at the moment one of the reference companies in the industry. Situated near the center of the country, Prahova county, 110 km from Bucharest, 250 km from the sea-port town Constanta, in Valenii de Munte town, Izvoarele village, our factory is located in the most important area for raw materials wholesale market (Brasov, Sibiu,Buzau). Another important aspect related to the logistics, regarding our factory, is our being located near the Port of Constanta. Our mission is to maintain a perfect conduct towards our clients, a professional attitude that is based on trust and respect, especially on previously positive experiences that we had. We takes pride in a decade of work experience with the latest technology to deliver the highest quality timber to customers worldwide. These years of experience in timber export to countries around the world, have made Tanex Wood a trustworthy partner.

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Moulding Machines For Three- And Four-side Machining Weinig Profimat 23 Fortec, Tip EM-11 Polovna Rumunija

Katalog: Moulding machines for three- and four-side machining, Marka: Weinig
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Okrajčena Daska, Bukva

Tip: Okrajčena Daska, Vrsta drveta: Bukva, Količina: 800.0 - 800.0 m3 mesečno

Podaci o kompaniji

Osnovna djelatnost: Pilana lišćara
N° TVA: RO 14385365
Bruto-promet: 10 000 000-50 000 000 ROL (Romanian Leu)
Uposlenici: 51-100
Datum kreiranja: 1999
Član od: 21/10/2002