Smeđi Jasen, Bukva, Grab Drva Za Potpalu/Oblice Necepane Austrija

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Kategorije Drvo Za Ogrjev Rascjepan - Ne Rascjepan
Tip Drva Za Potpalu/Oblice Necepane


Količina 48 - 480 m3 Spot - 1 put
Tip vrste Evropski lišćari
Vrsta drveta Smeđi jasen, Bukva, Grab
Vlažnost KD
Production of firewood in boxes (dry beech with a moisture content of 15%.
We transport wood in boxes of 1 RM, 2 RM 48 RM - 1 truck.
Order form: Official order only from wholesalers. We transport to Germany and Austria without prepayment. We settle after delivery of the goods to the customer.
1 month wood availability 20,000 m3.
We offer wood species - beech, hornbeam, oak, birch and alder.
the price depends on the type of wood and the place of delivery,
We offer all customers a one-time delivery of at least 2 trucks. We invite stable companies from the branch with a developed retail market. Contact us at - Translated with google

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