Europsko Meko Drvo (četinari), Puno Drvo, Sibirski Ariš

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Tip Ljepljene Vertikale Prozora
Glavni materijali Puno drvo
Tip masivnog drveta Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Sibirski ariš
Finalna upotreba Used for windows and doors


Količina 1 - 20 40'kontejner mesečno
Dimenzije 63/72/84 x 86/95/115/145 x 5900mm
72 mm=24+24+24 mm
84 mm=24+36+24 mm

The out-layers/ lamellas are solid and in vertical grain or half vertical grain. One can allow an occasional defect not exceeding a diameter of 10 mm located to one edge only.
Outer layers can allow little discoloration.
All middle layers are to be edge glued, optimised and finger jointed, the 75/86 mm to consists of 2 lamellas, the 115 mm consist of 3-4 lamellas, the 145 mm consist of 3-5 lamellas. The two external strips width is min 30 mm. The finger-jointed strips length is 200 mm and more.
Max. Bow spring is 1 mm/linm.
Glue: DIN EN 204
Moisture Content: 12-14% (Klin drying)
The thickness and width +1 mm
The length +10 mm

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