Lamcol - Ravne Grede, Bor - Crveno Drvo

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Tip Lamcol - Ravne Grede
Tip vrste Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Bor (Pinus sylvestris) - Crveno drvo


Količina - - - m3 Spot - 1 put
Debljina greda -- mm
Širina greda -- mm
Dužina greda -- mm
Opis GLULAM STRAMPED / LAMELAR PIN BEAMS: 135X135 & 180X135 in lengths of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 meters

• Price per m3. : 800 euros (VAT included) at the euro exchange rate = 4.95 lei

• Product quality is maintained for the entire stock

The following configurations are available (prices include VAT and are for one piece):
• 135x135x4000mm at the price of 289 lei / piece
• 135x135x5000mm at the price of 361 lei / piece
• 135x135x6000mm at the price of 433 lei / piece
• 135x135x7000mm at the price of 505 lei / piece
• 135x135x8000mm at the price of 577 lei / piece

• 180x135x4000mm at the price of 385 lei / piece
• 180x135x5000mm at the price of 481 lei / piece
• 180x135x6000mm at the price of 577 lei / piece
• 180x135x7000mm at the price of 674 lei / piece
• 180x135x8000mm at the price of 770 lei / piece

Wood essence: resinous
Wood species: northern pine
Wood treatment: heat treated wood in drying rooms
Surface processing: planing on all sides
Adhesives used: polyurethanes and melamine - urea - formaldehyde
Location of use: exterior & interior

• GLULAM comes from the English name of the product glued laminated timber which translates into Romanian as glued laminated timber.
• Obtaining GLULAM beams: wooden slats, after their defects and knots are removed, are extended by joining in the teeth. Subsequently, they are superimposed on each other and glued along the fiber (parallel to the fiber) by pressing, using polyurethane adhesives and melamine - urea - formaldehyde. These adhesives have the role of ensuring the strength and durability of the adhesives.
• GLULAM beams have a wide range of applications such as residential buildings, industrial buildings, engineering constructions (bridges, walkways), they are used mainly in resistance structures.

--The products can be found at our warehouse in Ploiestiori, Prahova. Placed orders are picked up from the warehouse.
--We provide transport only within 20 km from our working point.

--Being producers, we offer you a wide range of products obtained from primary and secondary wood processing. You can view them by accessing our other ads.

For distributors: you can contact us by phone to discuss prices and conditions of collaboration. - Translated with google

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