Puno Drvo, Breza, Unutrašnje Oplate

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Tip Unutrašnje Oplate
Glavni materijali Puno drvo
Tip masivnog drveta Evropski lišćari
Vrsta drveta Breza


Količina 2 m3 Spot - 1 put
Debljina 13-18 mm
Širina 85 mm
Dužina 350-450-550 mm
Kvalitet AB
Opis 3D wall panels are made of thermos-treated birch and covered with a transparent UV oil-wax, which emphasizes the beauty of the wood and protects it from external factors and burnout.

The ideal solution for a tasteful interior design. Will perfectly fit into any interior. Whether it is a bedroom, office, kitchen, hall or living room.

◦ 100% made of solid wood.

◦ Unlimited decorating possibilities. Natural shades will make your home cozy and unique. The package contains elements of different lengths and thicknesses, which allows you to create an asymmetric relief pattern. No 2 wall planks are the same, so, whatever you build will be unique. Install our decor wall planks horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

◦ Easy to install. The unique mounting system will make it to frame the panels easier than a constructions kit. In each box, we include No Tools DIY Smart Installation Kit, which makes your installation/dismantling in minutes.

◦ Thermo-Treatment Technology eliminates moisture, resins and bacteria from all the wood we use for wall decor planks. Wall panels work well in high moisture areas, like backsplashes, bathrooms, kitchens and basements.

◦ Safe for your family: chemical-free, bug-free while still environmentally friendly.

Cene i uslovi

Cijena 67 USD per m3
Prodaj: Širom svijeta


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