Brvnara (Kuća Od Naslaganih Stabala), Bor - Crveno Drvo, Sibirski Bor

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Tip Brvnara (Kuća Od Naslaganih Stabala)
Porijeklo Rusija
Tip masivnog drveta Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Bor (Pinus sylvestris) - Crveno drvo, Sibirski bor


Količina 72 - -- m3 mesečno
Širina 10.2 m
Dužina 15.6 m
Gradilište 123.82 m2 (sqm)
Opis Discount up to 20% on the log cabins! Only until the end of May! Pay only after the receipt of the prefabricated house!

"FOLLA" is a one-storey wooden house in scandinavian style made of fine wood of winter logging.
The logging technology ensures the unique heat insulation, steady and durable connection between parts and minimum shrinkage.
The houses corners never chill through and there are never cracks that show through in the walls.
Therefore, the smooth surface of outer and inner wall sides won't require any finishing.

The cost includes the log cabin itself.

Cene i uslovi

Cijena 23925 EUR
Incotermi FCA - franko prevoznik Zemlja Rusija Region Vologda oblast
Rok isporuke Dostupno po narudžbi za više od 30 dana
Prodaj: Širom svijeta


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