Chippers And Chipping Mills WEIMA WL 4 Polovna Poljska

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Kategorija Chippers and Grinders
Katalog Chippers and chipping mills
Model WL 4


Stanje dobra Polovna
Godina proizvodnje 1999
Količina 1 - 1
Opis - in a warehouse
- after the technical review
- very good condition
- German production
- year of production 1999


- 600 x 800 mm charging hole
- rotor diameter 175 mm
- rotor length 600 mm
- total power 18.5 kW
- number of knives 14 pieces
- 30 mm x 30 mm rotating cutting knives
- height of the pressure drawer 180 mm
- sieve fi 15 by 12 mm
- rotor speed 80 -120 rpm
- diameter of the extraction nozzle fi 200 mm


- length / width / height 200 x 120 x 120 cm
- weight 1200 kg

The chipper can process a wide range of wood waste that accumulates, for example in carpentry or carpentry workshops, saw mills or in the furniture industry. This list includes pallets and crates, as well as long and short cuts of wood, veneers, chipboards, fibreboards, plywood, as well as carpentry products such as voluminous furniture, window profiles, doors and stairs.

The advantages of the chipper are:

- Individually arranged knives, thanks to which they do not get stuck on hard material and the chipper does not stop.
- Knives and knife holders are bolted, making maintenance and service easy.
- The rotor bearing is lowered, making it dust resistant. Very solidly made, which guarantees stable operation.
- The chipper is mounted on rocker elements, making it particularly stable and quiet in use.
- Solid steel construction.
- It has a hydraulic drawer that presses the chopped material against the rotating knives.
- The sieve is screwed, so it can be quickly and easily replaced as needed.

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