Čvrsta Strukturna Građa - Građa Spojena Prstima (KVH), Jela

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Tip Čvrsta Strukturna Građa - Građa Spojena Prstima (KVH)
Tip vrste Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Jela (Abies alba)


Količina 2 40'kontejner mesečno
Debljina greda 200 mm
Širina greda 80 mm
Dužina greda 2.5-12 m
KVH BEAMS – KVH® (solid structural timber) are spruce beams made of solid timber (single lamella) made of short pieces (around 5 meters length) joined by finger-joint to obtain longer lengths (up to 13,5 meters, other dimensions on request). Because they are made of solid wood, sections are more limited and usually range between 60-120mm in thickness by 80-240mm wide.
These beams are used for structural purposes and suitable for application in all areas of modern construction and not just as a load bearing elements of buildings.
These beams are sold in industrial quality and classified as C24 in accordance with DIN 4074-1.

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