Xingli Bamboo, Lamelrani Parket / Ljepljeni / Lamelni / Obložen

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Tip Lamelrani Parket / Ljepljeni / Lamelni / Obložen
Marka Xingli Bamboo
Glavni materijali bamboo
Materijali za završnicu bamboo board


Količina 10 - 100000 m2 (sqm) godišnje Претвори
Dimenzije 1220x2440mm
Bamboo furniture board is a scientific superposition of bamboo sheets, which is assembled with environmental friendly glue under high temperature and pressure.
It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, small water absorption expansion coefficient, non-cracking and non-deformation, insect-proof, mildew-proof and non-degumming.
Its physical properties are 2-3 times as much as those of common hard miscellaneous wood.Its hardness can reach 32HB (beech 24HB), density can reach 0.79g-1.15g (beech 0.63g) per cm 3, compressive strength can reach 1271 kg/cm 2 (beech < 600 kg).
Bamboo boards with different specifications are widely used in building materials, transportation equipment, sports facilities, furniture industry, durable, beautiful and generous.

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