Vlaknaste Ploče Srednje Gustine -MDF, 2.5 - 25 mm

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Tip Vlaknaste Ploče Srednje Gustine -MDF


Količina 20+ m3 Spot - 1 put
Debljina 2.5 - 25 mm
Širina 1220 mm
Dužina 2440 mm
Ljepilo E1; E2; CARB/EPA; EUTR; FSC
Normativ - zahtjevi kvalitete - prema EN & DIN
Finiranje stranica 1 SIDE OR 2 SIDES
Opis A revolutionary printed / UV coated board that repels cockroaches and ants. When a cockroach comes in contact or within 500mm close to the surface, the repellent compound stimulates the nerves of the cockroach and prevents it from resting or colonizing on the board. For ants, this works upon direct contact between the ants and the lacquer surface. Tested to be safe, odourless and long lasting, this board is best to build kitchen cabinet or any furniture that hygiene is important.

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Cijena Na zahtjev EUR per m3
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