Lamcol - Ravne Grede, Jela , Jela -Bjelo Drvo

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Tip Lamcol - Ravne Grede
Tip vrste Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Jela (Abies alba), Jela (Picea abies)-Bjelo drvo


Količina 100 m3 mesečno
Debljina greda 105; 125; 140; 150; 160; 180; 200 mm
Širina greda 75; 90; 105; 125 mm
Dužina greda 4100; 5100; 6100 mm
Postotak vlage 10 %
Opis We manufacture laminated beams from spruce wood glued with moisture resistant adhesive.

The wood is dried in our own state-of-the-art Muhlbock kiln, up to 10% and glued by controlled pressing to prevent glue starving and a poor adhesive bonding. All the timbers that make the beam are full length and not finger joined, in order to preserve the structural continuity. This makes the lengths kept in stock to be limited to 4.1m. For non-urgent orders, we can manufacture lengths of 5.1m and 6.1m accounting for of the time related to the drying and manufacturing process.

The wood is treated for protection against biological and fungal degradation and optionally with a flame retardant. For any parts of the wood exposed to the environment and, therefore, not hidden in the structure, the fireproof treatment is indicated.

The sections kept in stock are 105 x 105mm, 105 x 125mm, 125 x 125mm, for which we indicate the price of 400Euro per cubic meter. For the largest sections close to 250 x 250mm, the price can reach a maximum of 550Euro.

Example of prices: 1. beam 105 x 105mm L = 4.1m (90Lei) (400Euro per cubic meter) 2. beam 105 x 125mm L = 4.1m (110Lei) (400Euro per cubic meter) 3. beam 125 x 125mm L = 4.1m (130Lei) (400Euro per cubic meter)

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