Uređaj Za Pakovanje I Svezivanje CMB COOLPACK-150-EXPRESS Nova Španija

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Kategorija Packaging machines
Katalog Uređaj Za Pakovanje I Svezivanje
Marka CMB


Stanje dobra Nova
Godina proizvodnje 2020
Količina 1
Opis General description
Wrapping systems combining bubble and stretch film to obtain high level protection and low power costs.
Coolpack-150-Express installations comprise a infeed table, a heat-sealing head, an intermediate table, a rotating crown and an output table.
The packaging cycle has two processes:
The first creates a bag (bubble wrap, polythene, etc. ), which contains the product to be packaged inside it.
In the second process, this bag is wrapped with stretch film, leaving the packaged product perfectly protected from the outside.
The product is deposited in the centre of the infeed table and the packaging process begins automatically.

Bubble film + stretch film
Packaging system which offers full protection by combining two plastic materials. The bubble and the stretch film give the product double insulation and high protection based on the combination of the cushioning effect of the bubble wrap and the support of the stretch film.
Bubble film
Bubble film on reels with a D = maximum of 900 mm.
The selection of the reel width is determined according to the dimensions of the product and depends on the specific side protection needs of the product required by each customer.
Stretch film
Stretch film on reel with a maximum diameter (D) of 250 mm and a maximum length (L) of 250 mm.
The core of the reel has an inside diameter of 76 mm.
The thickness of the film may range from 23 to 50 microns.
Microns / Gauges conversion table:
Galgas *****
Micras *****

The Coolpack series’ packing system is ideal for all types of furniture, household accessories, blinds, doors and windows in general, all those products requiring special protection.

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