Uređaj Za Pakovanje I Svezivanje CMB ERL-30-EXPRESS Nova Španija

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Kategorija Packaging machines
Katalog Uređaj Za Pakovanje I Svezivanje
Marka CMB


Stanje dobra Nova
Godina proizvodnje 2020
Količina 1
Opis Automatic wrapping machine ideal for getting maximum production at minimum added cost to item.
Automatic wrapping machine for profiles and mouldings, equipped with rotating crown to apply stretch film.
The ERL-TR is a compact machine including infeed table, central wrapping station with rotating crown and outfeed table.
Vertical pressure rollers are adjusted and item is placed on infeed belt, it is pushed forward until driver rollers grip it and then machine operates the entire wrapping process automatically by means of the pre-established settings.
It has been specially designed to wrap profiles and mouldings made of wood, aluminium, PVC or any other material. Its speed features make it very recommendable for high production rates.
The stretch film allows the wrapping of stacked packages, with better holding.
The wrapping process is much cheaper than the shrink process because the energy consumption is lower and it does not need to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packed.
Stretch film on a reel with a maximum diameter (D) of 250 mm and a maximum length (L) of 250 mm.
The core of the reel has an inside diameter of 76 mm.
The thickness of the film may range from 23 to 50 microns.
The ERL-TR is used for the full or partial wrapping and strapping of all kinds of materials and wood, metal and aluminium profiles, construction materials, rugs, textiles and any type of pre-package that requires a process of this kind.
It replaces the traditional process of tying with cord, strapping with plastic or metal materials or with adhsive tape.

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