Održavanje Šuma, Rumunija

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Tip Održavanje Šuma
Zemlja Rumunija


Šumsko područje 100.0 - null ha
Opis Starting a few years, drones have become indispensable for a range of activities such as photography / film air inspections of sites from above, aerial surveillance of borders, military objectives or civilian oversight land and forest, etc. . Need to have real-time information on the ground is essential to identifying fires, illegal activities, the status of certain targets, etc. In this regard your attention our offer regarding the construction of a drone professional technical characteristics similar to those built by reputable firms but with a much lower cost. We tackle projects for mapping forests, conducting aerial orthophotos, land forest. Equipment can fly autonomously to a predefined path on the map or piloted from the ground, video images are transmitted in real time to the control center. We approach complex projects for the needs of the beneficiary - we both multicoptere and equipment UAV type delta wing with electric propulsion or thermal equipment can be fitted with cameras with zoom optical / infrared / thermal imager demonstrations can be carried out in Bucharest and Campulung Muscel ago an appointment. For any other information please contact us dispozitie.Va Thank you for your interest!

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