Rumunija, Jela -Bjelo Drvo

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Zemlja Rumunija
Region Sibiu
Mjesto: Cisnadie


Predpostavljena količina (trupci) 6629.0 - 6629.0 m3
Ekocertifikacija ( trajni razvoj) Bez certifikata
Prvi tip vrste Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
I Vrsta drveta Jela (Picea abies)-Bjelo drvo
Predpostavljena količina prva vrsta (trupci) 4632.0 - 4632.0 m3
I Vrsta drvetaBroj letvica: 4462.0 - null
Drugi tip vrste Sjeverno-američki lišćari
II Vrsta drveta Američka bukva
Predpostavljena količina drugavrsta (trupci) 1997.0 - 1997.0 m3
  • Datoteka sa specifikacijama1
  • Opis Forest Department "Sadu Valley" located in Cisnadie, str. Unirii 32, tel. 0269/562246, fax 0269/564664, organizes data 07/22/2013 and 29/07/2013 (pt. Neadjudecata the wood remaining) 13,00 School Group headquarters Cisnadie Textile Fair Street no. 14, Cisnadie, auction schedule: -1. Open tender for standing timber for municipalities Cisnadie, Sadu Sadu and Rau - 6629 m of the total volume: 4632 cm timber; 1997 m beech. Preselection will take place on 18.07.2013, between 9-15 at the district headquarters. On preselection agent will present the certificate of financial reliability and documents proving that no debt to consolidated budget. Sign up for auction of all economic agents will be effected by the deposit envelopes at the district headquarters, and will take place at the pre-selection date (18/07/2013) until the business day prior to the auction (ie 19.7.2013 26.7.2013). Envelopes for auction will be filed at the registry of the district and will contain a list of who is interested Lots trader. Confirmation of payment for tender guarantee. Lots to which is to be entered (payment order endorsed by the bank or cash payment receipt) and fee payment will be made when submitting the registration envelopes detour. The right to participate in the auction outcry and only shortlisted agencies that submitted guarantee Lots subject to auction. Fee in the amount of 50 RON / trader, and guarantee 5% of the timber provided, to be paid at the cashier the Forest "Sadu Valley". Traders who have debts to OS Sadu Valley are not admitted to auditions. Trader's operating certificate will be presented in original and completed to date on the pre-selection. - Translated with google

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