Lamcol - Ravne Grede, GL24, Jela -Bjelo Drvo

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Tip Lamcol - Ravne Grede
Marka GL24
Tip vrste Europsko meko drvo (četinari)
Vrsta drveta Jela (Picea abies)-Bjelo drvo


Količina 150.0 - 200.0 m3 mesečno
Debljina greda 100; 133; 167; 200; 233; 267; 300; 333; 367; 400; 433; 467; 500 mm
Širina greda 65; 90; 115; 140; 160; 185 mm
Dužina greda 12-24 m
Debljina lamela 33.3-40,0 mm
Modul elastičnosti ( E - parelelno sa česticama - srednja vrijednost 0.116 - null N/m2 (Pa)
Gustoća 480.0 - null kg/m4
Normativ ref. Klasiranja prema strukturalnim značajkama P100 / 1992
Klasiranja po strukturalnim osobinama GL24
Postotak vlage 8.0 - 12.0 %
Ljepilo Prefere - adeziv melaminic
Otpornost na vatru normal
Certifikati FSC
Opis Glued laminated wood beams from Glulam bear the CE marking Compliant with European standard EN 14080-2013 for strength classes GL 28h, 24h GL and GL 20h. Defined standard sections for straight beams with rectangular profile that are no longer needed for other finishing operations in addition to cutting the length required by the customer, possibly at a given angle. In terms of appearance glued laminated timber elements are delivered in three classes of finish: visually without industrial finishing products for visual finishing beams maintain the stock was 24 meters long so we can quickly meet any size required. Try the full satisfaction of our customers. Through the "fast delivery" we intend to honor orders received within 72 hours. Delivery beams being made directly to the recipient site. - Translated with google

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