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  • September 17, 2021 13:33

Canada: Housing starts decline in August

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) reported on Wednesday (9-15-21) that the annual pace of housing starts in Canada in August slowed when compared with July...... [više ...]

  • Ploče
  • September 17, 2021 11:37

Italy: growth in wood and furniture technology sector in H1/2021

The development of the pandemic has impacted all economic trends, including the machines, tools and equipment for woodworking and furniture production...... [više ...]

  • Šumarsko gospodarstvo
  • September 17, 2021 10:20

US tropical hardwood imports soar in July

US imports of sawn tropical hardwood rose 57% in July, soaring to the highest volume of 2021. A surge in keruing imports for the month led to the rise as keruing accounted for more than 40% of the 12,207 cubic metres imported in July...... [više ...]

  • Ploče
  • September 14, 2021 12:05

Rise in EU27 imports of tropical flooring from Malaysia continues

EU27 imports of flooring from tropical countries were 11,300 tonnes in the first 6 months of 2021, 2% more than in 2020 but still 7% down compared to 2019. The rise in EU27 wood flooring imports from Malaysia, that began last year, has continued into 2021...... [više ...]

  • Interijer
  • September 14, 2021 10:05

Chinese furniture sector reports steady growth

China's furniture sector registered steady growth in the first seven months of the year...... [više ...]

  • Šumarsko gospodarstvo
  • September 09, 2021 13:22

Finnish forest industry products exports up by 12% in H1/2021

In the first half year the exports value of forest industry products totalled in real terms EUR 6.27 billion and increased from same period previous year by 12% (deflated using wholesale price index). ... [više ...]

  • Šumarsko gospodarstvo
  • September 09, 2021 13:07

Slow EU27 imports of tropical veneer and plywood

EU27 imports of tropical veneer declined 1% to 138,900 cu.m in the first six months of this year. After a rapid rise last year, veneer imports from Gabon declined 3% to 71,700 cu.m...... [više ...]

  • Šumarsko gospodarstvo
  • September 09, 2021 12:05

Rise in China sawn hardwood imports

China’s sawn hardwood imports rose 3% to 4.41 million cubic metres...... [više ...]

  • Tržišne cijene
  • September 09, 2021 11:27

UK: Timber imports continue to surge

UK's Timber Trade Federation (TTF) latest statistics show the volume of imported timber experienced a further surge in June 2021, exceeding one million m³...... [više ...]

  • Šumarsko gospodarstvo
  • September 08, 2021 12:19

EU tropical log imports rebound in H1/2021

EU27 imports of tropical logs, which have been in long term decline and are now a shadow of their former level...... [više ...]

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