Södra adjusts timber prices

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Södra sees a continued strong demand for timber and is now raising prices for both normal timber, small timber and logs. In addition, the thinning premium on pulpwood is extended until the end of December.

The Swedish timber market remains strong and Södra estimates that the forest industry will need a lot of raw material even during the winter.

Therefore, the prices of the sawlog ranges have now been increased by SEK 30 / m3fub (EUR 2.94/m3) from 27 August.

''It is important that we continue to maintain a high rate of felling during the autumn to meet industry demand. The conditions are currently good with good conditions in the forest, at the same time awe know that we are now entering a period with normally greater challenges with the weather,'' says Olof Hansson, business area manager for Södra Skog in a press release.

Despite the fact that it is mainly the normal timber of spruce and pine that the industry is crying out for, Södra also wants to continue to support the work with thinning and forest management in its area, which is why it is extending the thinning premium for softwood and hardwood wood until 31 December.

Price adjustments from 27 August 2021:

  • Normal timber of spruce and pine is increased by SEK 30 / m³fub (EUR 2.94/m3)
  • Thinning premium on softwood and hardwood pulpwood with SEK 25 / m³fub (EUR 2.45/m3) is extended until 31 December
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Poul Dalgaard
What is the actual m3 price now please?? Can anyone help me here? :-)