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Germany: towards tax incentives for forest owners

The Bavarian Minister of Wood believes that forest owners who have been victims of insect attacks, storms or drought should receive tax assistance... [više ...]

German pellet prices rose in February

In February, the price of wood pellets increased in Germany by 1.7% compared to the previous month. According to data of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association e. V. (DEPV) consumers pay for 6 t purchases an average of... [više ...]

Universal Forest Products signs agreement to acquire Wolverine Wood Products

Universal Forest Products, Inc. recently announced that one of its affiliates has signed an agreement to purchase the operating assets of Wolverine Wood Products, Inc. Founded in 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Mike and Bernadette Petersen, Wolverine Wood Products manufactures ...... [više ...]

US flooring imports mixed in November

US Imports of hardwood flooring continued to be strong in November, rising by 10% over October to a level nearly double that of November 2017... [više ...]

Brazil: Timber sector exports driven by firm international demand

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, exports of paper, pulp and other wood products, totalled US$14.2 billion, 23% more than in 2017 and the export of forest products...... [više ...]

Drvene kuće, drvene konstrukcije

Production in construction down by 0.4% in euro area

In December 2018 compared with November 2018, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector decreased by 0.4% in the euro area (EA19) and by 0.9% in the EU28...... [više ...]

John Deere reports significant increase in profits

Deere & Company reported net income of $ 498.5 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2019. Results are impacted by higher material and logistics costs as well as customer uncertainty due to tariffs and trade restrictions... [više ...]

Altendorf Group reorganises operations in North America

As part of its corporate strategy, the Altendorf Group is reorganising its business operations in North America. By opening its North American headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, and setting up its own network of distributors, the Group itself will oversee the marketing and sales of ...... [više ...]

Šumarsko gospodarstvo

Decospan plans to double its production capacity

The Belgian manufacturer of veneered panels Decospan plans to double its production capacity at the Menen site...... [više ...]

China: Gloomy Zhangjiagang timber market sales in 2018

The combined effect of strict environmental inspection, the trade friction between China and the United States and the volatility of RMB exchange rate coupled with declining domestic demand is having a big impact on the level of trade and prices at the Zhangjiagang timber market...... [više ...]

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France: poplar price increase after a period of stagnation

France: poplar price increase after a period of stagnation

In 2019, will the poplar follow the same trend that has prevailed over the past three years? The answer is undoubtedly positive if one examines the factors favorable to the wood species that has faced two difficult decades... [ više ...]

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