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Finland: wood import decreased by 11% in 2017

In 2017, the export value of the Finnish forest industry goods totalled EUR 11.98 billion. Forest industry products accounted for... [više ...]

Calls for plantation logs to be excluded from Sabah log export ban

A company with extensive plantations in Sabah has appealed to the State Government to exclude logs derived from plantations from its recent export ban... [više ...]

Valmet to supply pulp mill technology for Arauco pulp mill project in Chile

Valmet has signed a letter of award (LoA) with Arauco to supply key pulp mill technology including pulp drying and baling, a recovery boiler and a biomass boiler...... [više ...]

India's Greenply Industries to upgrade plant in Gabon

Greenply Industries Ltd., a major company in the Indian plywood industry, has made an initial investment of €11 million in a manufacturing unit in Gabon in West Africa... [više ...]

Andritz to supply major equipment for Arauco’s MAPA project

International technology Group Andritz and Arauco signed a letter of award for supply of major technologies and equipment for the modernization and extension of the Arauco pulp mill in Chile. The order value for Andritz is in the range of around ...... [više ...]

Resolute Forest Products sells its paper and pulp mill in Catawba, South Carolina

Resolute Forest Products has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement with , LLC for the sale of its Catawba, South Carolina, paper and pulp mill, for a total purchase price of about USD 300 million... [više ...]

Rising importance of Netherlands in EU-wide furniture distribution

Since 2016, there has been a significant growth in wood furniture exports by Netherlands to neighbouring EU countries... [više ...]

Raute to expect stronger sales growth in 2018

Raute estimates that its net sales will increase and operating profit will improve in 2018 compared to the previous year... [više ...]

Moderately positive European parquet consumption trends

The Board of Directors of the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP) met on 20 September 2018 and discussed amongst others the parquet situation and recent economic developments on the European markets... [više ...]


Weinig Luxscan celebrates 20 years of innovative scanner technology

Luxscan Technologies Sàrl, the leading specialist for automated timber optimizing, celebrates its 20th anniversary. Originating from a small start up, the company has grown continuously since 1998. Today, Luxscan has a scanner program for all performance requirements and all investment volumes. ...... [više ...]

Stranica 5 od 1157
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France: oak standing timber prices still increasing

France: oak standing timber prices still increasing

Those who thought the oak standing timber price would stumble in the early fall were wrong. In the east of France, the auction held in Beaune (Côte d'Or) on September 13, 2018 and organized by ONF set the tone for the new season of marketing oak harvested in the French state forests. And the bids that followed only confirmed the continuation of the upward oak price trend... [ više ...]

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