Pfleiderer Group reports positive earnings in for 1Q/2018

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Pfleiderer Group S.A. reported positive earnings for 1Q 2018. Its 1Q 2018 net income reached Euro 7.3 million.

Pfleiderer Group S.A. 1Q 2018 revenues rose by 6.5% to Euro 268.8 million from Euro 252.4 million a year ago. Importantly, the Group generated sustainable growth from sales of high-margin, value-added products supported by sales of basic products.

In turn, 1Q 2018 EBITDA rose substantially by 18.5% to Euro 36.5 million, compared to Euro 30.8 million in the corresponding period a year ago, while EBITDA margin increased to 13.6% from 12.2%.

EBIT increased by 45.2% to Euro 18 million from Euro 12.4 million in 1Q 2017. This strong increase stems from, among others, a new pricing policy, which mitigates the negative impact of rising prices of raw materials.

Pfleiderer Group is the leading producer of materials and solutions for furniture, construction and building industries.

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