Ghana: First eight months wood export slump

November 28, 2023
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A total of 68,785cu.m. of wood products were exported in the third quarter of 2023 compared to 81,683cu.m during the second quarter a decline of around 16% in volume.

According to data from the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) of the Forestry Commission total wood export for the first nine months of 2023 dropped by 15% to 227,245cu.m from the 267,622cu.m recorded in the same period in 2022.

While in 2022 the volume of wood product exports gradually increased that was not the case in 2023.

Exports in third quarter of 2023, 68,784 cu.m, earning Eur30.64 million were below that in the same period in 2022 (101,993 cu.m and Eur45.56 million) representing declines of 33% in volume and 33% in value. Products that recorded significant volumes during the current year included lumbers, veneers, plywood and billets.

Of the wood products only plywood exported to the regional West African markets and Briquettes to the United Kingdom and Ireland recorded volume increases of 22% and 26% respectively in Q3 in 2023 compared to Q2 of the same year. Other wood products exported during the period were dowels, sliced veneer to regional markets kindling, KD boules and offcuts.