Failed operations at Douala Port to be investigated by the Cameroonian government

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The Cameroon government has appointed a new Commission to investigate the failed operations at Douala Port.

The problems of delays, missed shipment dates and general lack of maintenance have seriously disrupted shipments of wood products for months and this is one of the reasons quoted by Rougier in their Chapter 11 bankruptcy submission.

Rougier is in serious trouble and reports say the company is cutting its foreign and local work force so as to reorganise the company’s sawmills, veneer and plywood operations.

Analysts say the company intends to supply 120,000 cu.m of veneer and sawlogs to OLAM, presumably for the newly established mills in Gabon Special Economic Zones (GSEZs) which have for months been complaining of raw material shortages.

Most timber exporters have now stepped up shipments through the new port of Kribi in which the Chinese government has invested heavily. Media reports say Kribi Port operations will also be reviewed by the new Commission.

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