Fordaq FAQ

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I want to be higher in search results

The position of your company in the search results of the directory depends of:
  • The type of subscription you have. To upgrade your subscription go to My subscription and scroll down the page to review upgrade options.
  • Your reply rating on messages you receive. To increase this answer to messages you receive. If you are not interested by a message click on “I am not interested”.
  • Your trust ranking. To increase this complete Company Information
  • The date of your posting
  • The popularity of your posting

  • Contact other companies using the directory:
  • Use the top menu to go to the directory
  • Use the filters on the left-hand side to refine your search
  • Save the search to win time on your next search
  • Click on the companies you find interesting to go to the detail of these companies
  • Send a message to the company detailing as precisely as possible who your company is, why they should do business with you, describing your need.
  • Follow-up your message with a phone call if you do not get an answer