Fordaq FAQ

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I have a large number of views but no messages?

Check the following points to maximize results
  • Make sure you click on "Post Offer" if you want to sell and "Post Request" if you want to buy
  • Make sure your offer or request is entered in the right category of products
  • Describe precisely the product you want to sell or buy. You can use the comment field & attach documents
  • If you are selling put pictures. This is not necessary if you want to buy.
  • Entering prices is recommended if your price is competitive
  • If you only want to receive messages from specific countries use the posting settings at the bottom of the form
  • Anonymous postings receive less results so we don’t recommend this option
  • If you are trying to find new clients make sure you post offers that are very attractive. This is your best advertising.
  • The higher your subscription the more results you will get. So especially if you have a free subscription check upgrade options.