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Valutec to deliver continuous kiln to Pleasant River Lumber, USA

Pleasant River Lumber of Maine, USA, is the first company in North America to invest in TC continuous kilns from Valutec. Since it was founded, Valutec has delivered more than 4,000 lumber kilns to sawmills around the world and with this new agreement, TC continuous kilns will be installed and operational on three continents... [više ...]

Russia: plywood exports 10.4% up in Jan-May 2018

In January-May 2018, Russia increased its plywood exports, both in value and in volume terms, indicate the statistics ... [više ...]

Russia: lumber export value 17.8% up in Jan-Apr 2018

In January-May 2018, Russia increased its sawn timber exports, both in value and in volume terms, indicate the statistics ... [više ...]

Vietnam's wood products exports up 12.8% in H1/2018

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture estimates the export value of Vietnam's most important forest products to be $ 4.3 billion. Wood products accounted for the vast majority of $ 4.1 billion, an increase of 12.7% over the same period last year... [više ...]

Germany: Building permits increase 1.8% in January-May 2018

From January to May 2018, the construction of a total of 139,600 apartments was approved in Germany. This includes all permits for construction of newly built and existing residential and non-residential buildings... [više ...]

Conifex completes acquisition of two mills in US

Conifex Timber has completed the acquisition of the Suwannee sawmill in Cross City, Florida and the Caddo River sawmill in Glenwood Arkansas, USA... [više ...]

Brazil: Furniture output shows healthy growth

April was a good month for the Brazilian furniture industry as output increased across the country... [više ...]

Andritz to acquire large stake in Diatec

International technology Group Andritz has acquired a 70% stake in Diatec S.R.L., a leading manufacturer of converting machines for the hygiene and food packaging industries based in Collecorvino, Italy... [više ...]

The US and Canadian pellet feedstock prices increased in early 2018

Wood fiber costs for pellet producers in both Canada and the US were slightly higher in the 1Q/18 than in the previous quarter, continuing an upward trend that started in early 2017... [više ...]

US furniture market indicators generally positive, but cabinet sales decline

The US furniture industry reported growth in May, while wood products manufacturing output was unchanged from April, according to the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing ISM Report On Business... [više ...]

Stranica 2 od 1126
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France: too much softwood in the east?

France: too much softwood in the east?

At the beginning of the summer of 2018, the French softwood market is characterized by two very different situations. On the one hand, the sawnwood market confirms its favourable position, which was observed in the last quarter of 2017. On the other hand, the roundwood market gets stagnant, resulting in lower demand and lower log prices in the French east... [ više ...]

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