US wooden furniture imports down slightly in June

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US wooden furniture imports declined slightly in June to US$1.61 billion, but year-to-date imports remain well above June 2016 levels (+10%). Year-to-date imports from all major supplier countries were up in the first half of 2017, compared to the same time in 2016.

Furniture imports from China, Mexico and Europe grew in June, while imports from Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia and India were down from the previous month. China increased its share in US wooden furniture imports in June accounting for over 50% of imports of the top seven shippers. vImports from Europe were worth US$143 million in June, up 6% from May. More recently the euro-dollar exchange rate has become less favourable to European exporters, which is likely to dampen the growth in European furniture exports to the US.

Non-upholstered seating furniture and office furniture imports dropped the most in June (14% and 13%, respectively). Kitchen furniture imports increased by 3% in June while imports of upholstered seating were unchanged from May.

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